Areas of practice

Armani Advogados provides multidisciplinary legal advice in distinguish business segments, with outstanding performance in the Creative Economy, mainly Media and Entertainment. Through consistent preventive consultancy, we develop studies, opinions, strategic planning, documents, private and public instruments, according to the client’s business needs.

Our main areas of expertise

Entertainment Law

Consulting in business and productions involving art and culture: audiovisual, music, theater, literature, design, games, visual arts, photography, fashion, advertising, concerts, events etc.

  • Formatting of national and international projects;
  • Research, negotiation and clearance of third-party’s rights;
  • Legal business execution;
  • Examination of texts and scripts;
  • Licensing of personality and patrimonial rights of co-authors;
  • Assessment of risk and mitigation;
  • Review of produced content for compliance purposes; and
  • Advice, negotiation, and formalization of commercial agreements for the exploration of content and ancillary products and business.
Industrial Property

We carry out studies, opinions, notifications and other measures related to search, viability study, filing, oppositions, appeals, caducity, certificates of registration and other administrative acts before INPI (“National Institute of Industrial Property”) respectively to:

  • Trademarks;
  • Patents.
Corporate Law

Consultancy and implementation of necessary instruments to:

  • Incorporation of Companies (limited liability, stock company etc.);
  • Merger & Acquisition;
  • Joint ventures;
  • Quotaholders and shareholders agreements and meetings;
  • Amendments and terminations of Companies;
  • General meetings;
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Due diligence.
Real Estate Law

Real estate business involving:

  • Analysis of real estate documents and parties involved;
  • Commercial and residential leasing;
  • Selling and buying commitment;
  • Purchase and sale of property.

We guide, prepare and carry out procedures with purposes of obtaining prior residence for temporary visa for the following activities:

  • Sports;
  • Cultural;
  • Business;
  • Labor;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Investment.

We develop the strategy and engage on the out of Court defense of our client’s interests and in Court by the appropriate means.

Intellectual Property

We guide, format and adjust creative elements aiming for legal protection of immaterial property by means of registration and alike:

  • Scripts;
  • Formats;
  • Characters;
  • Musical compositions;
  • Phonograms;
  • Audiovisual;
  • Slogans;
  • Jingles;
  • Software;
  • Illustrations;
  • Visual Arts.
Contract Law

Advice on consultations, negotiation and legal business contracts:

  • MOU;
  • Production and Coproduction;
  • Services;
  • Equipment;
  • Buy and Sell;
  • Licensing, Assignment and other transfer of rights;
  • Music edition;
  • Agency;
  • Distribution;
  • Non-compete and Confidentiality;
  • Representation;
  • Franchise;
  • Credits and insolvency.
Tax Law

Planning, consulting, guidance, opinions and lawsuits related mainly to:

  • Tax on Services (ISS);
  • Social Contributions on Invoicing (PIS and COFINS);
  • Income Tax (IR);
  • Contribution to the Development of Audiovisual Industry (CONDECINE).
Administrative Law

We carry out consultancy, advice and procedures with Public Administration entities, respectively on regulatory matters:

  • Registration of audiovisual works;
  • Parental rating;
  • Financing for the Audiovisual Segment;
  • Pay TV (SeAC) and National Content Quotas;
  • Video on Demand (VOD);
  • Games;
  • Visual and Hearing Accessibility;
  • Contests, Commercial Promotions and Draws;
Succession Law

We act in a preventive and responsive manner to the transfer of assets to legitimate and testamentary successors:

  • Succession planning;
  • Inventory.